South Africa is an excellent Big Five safari destination with some of the most reasonably priced safari lodges and tented camps that are easily accessible by road and air.

[UPDATED 24 August 2021]


The main reason is that pricing in South Africa is still quoted in local currency – whether it be domestic flights, transport, accommodation and safaris and tours – which immediately gives you an incredible saving, courtesy of the favourable exchange rate when you're paying in US Dollars, Pounds and Euros.

South Africa Much More For Your Money

SA Price Cost Comparison August 2021. Prices/exchange rates valid as at 24 August 2021.

Other top safari destinations like East Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe are quoted in US Dollars, a currency far more stable than their local ones, so your rates are fixed and you won't score anything when you convert currencies.

Namibia's currency is on par with South Africa's, i.e. 1 Namibian Dollar = 1 South African Rand. However, the vast travelling distances of Namibia, often on dirt roads, can add considerable costs to your safari, whether you're planning to do it by road or by air.

Why now?

South Africa has to be one of the best out-of-season options - AND many of the lodges are currently offering their winter specials.

South Africa is Tops for Value Cheetah

The game viewing experience in Kruger in winter is superb.

(Image: Simon Vegter)

It's the ideal time of year to go on safari: the weather is cooler, yet still, a balmy 20 – 28°C midday (68 – 83°F) and it's undoubtedly the best time for game viewing as the grass is dry and down-trodden, vegetation has thinned out considerably and animals congregate around scarce and shrinking water sources. Good animal sightings abound at this time of year.

Why wait?

There's just no time like the present! See our specials for more details of excellent savings at superb safari lodges that are offering low season and long-stay specials right now.

South Africa is Tops for Value Kruger

Book your Kruger safari now.

(Image: Simon Vegter)

Is South Africa open for travel?

Yes! South Africa has been welcoming tourists since November 2021. We spoke to some of our recent international guests and asked them what it's like to go on safari in South Africa during the pandemic. You can find out more about their experience and the measures that have been put in place to ensure it's safe to travel in our blog, Traveling during the pandemic.

Have you been on safari to South Africa recently? How did the prices shape up? Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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