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Feature A Rare and Precious Leopard Cub Encounter
A Rare and Precious Leopard Cub Encounter
April 29, 2024 by Dianne Kokkonidis

With their stunning rosette-patterned coats, leopards are among the most captivating predators in the wild and spotting one of these elusive felines with her cub in the vast expanse of South Africa's Kruger National Park is a rare and exhilarating experience.

Feature How Safe Are Open Sided Safari Vehicles
How Safe Are Open-Sided Safari Vehicles?
April 8, 2024 by Dianne Kokkonidis

A tragic incident in Zambia's Kafue National Park has raised concerns about the risks associated with wildlife encounters in open-sided safari vehicles. While such incidents are undoubtedly distressing, they are exceptionally rare. In this blog, we look at why going on game drives in open-safari vehicles is not only safe but also integral to an authentic and rewarding game-viewing experience.

Feature East Africa vs Southern Africa Safari Choosing the Right Destination
East Africa vs. Southern Africa – Which Safari Destination is Better?
January 16, 2024 by Dianne Kokkonidis

For many, going on an African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but choosing between East Africa and Southern Africa can be a daunting task. What are the main differences between a safari in East Africa and Southern Africa, and how do you decide which is the right safari destination for you?

Feature More hilarious guest questions on safari
More hilarious guest questions on safari
October 25, 2023 by Dianne Kokkonidis

Spending time in the bush, watching animals in the wild and engaging with our guests are what make safaris memorable. But sometimes, it takes a hilarious question from a guest to make a safari truly unforgettable. Following on our "20 Funniest Guest Questions on Safari" blog post, here are some more hilarious safari guest questions.

Feature Will loadshedding affect my trip to South Africa
Will loadshedding affect my trip to South Africa?
June 19, 2023 by Onne Vegter

South Africa's electricity shortage has some travellers wondering: Will my trip be affected by rolling blackouts? How are tourists affected by loadshedding (planned power cuts)? It's a question we field often lately, so let's take a look at South Africa's electricity crisis and how it affects safari travel.

Feature How much does an African safari cost
How expensive is an African safari?
April 1, 2023 by Dianne Kokkonidis

How much is an African safari? We break down the factors that affect the cost of an African safari so that you have a better idea of how much a safari trip to Africa costs and can make an informed decision about which African safari destination is the right one for you.

Kruger Safaris August 2022 Highlights Feature
Kruger Safaris August 2022 Highlights
September 19, 2022 by Dianne Kokkonidis

Wildlife highlights from our Kruger safaris in August 2022 included a female cheetah with a missing tail, a honey badger and Casper, the famous White Lion of Kruger. We spent time at a dam watching elephants play in the water and came across another cheetah stuck in a tree. We saw African wild dog pups explore their surroundings after leaving their den for the first time and a whole lot more...

Feature Kruger Safaris July 2022 Highlights
Kruger Safaris July 2022 Highlights
August 23, 2022 by Dianne Kokkonidis

July 2022 brought us some incredible predator sightings. We saw African wild dogs take down an impala only to have a clan of hyenas move in and steal the kill. We encountered a lioness "sharing" a kill with hyenas and a jackal until a male lion arrived and claimed the kill for himself. Other wildlife highlights from our Kruger safaris in July include rhinos, leopards, painted wolf pups, buffalos and a hilarious encounter with elephants who decided to give us a mud bath.

Feature Kruger Safaris June 2022 Highlights
Kruger Safaris June 2022 Highlights
July 6, 2022 by Dianne Kokkonidis

Warm and sunny days, cloudless skies, fantastic sunsets, beautiful sunrises and incredible wildlife sightings made easier by thinning foliage are just some of the reasons why safari enthusiasts flock to Kruger in winter. Highlights from our June 2022 Kruger safaris include skittish leopards, playful hippos, young giraffe bulls fighting, elephant calves nursing, a pair of African Fish-eagles and more.

Kruger Safaris May 2022 Highlights 1
Kruger Safaris May 2022 Highlights
June 6, 2022 by Dianne Kokkonidis

The month of May ushers in the turning point in Kruger as the climate starts to transition into winter. The impending dry season brought pleasant daytime temperatures, chilly early mornings and outstanding wildlife sightings. Our May 2022 Kruger safaris wildlife highlights included playful elephant calves, lazy lions, the elusive African wild cat, the shy civet and a number of raptors like the African Fish-eagle, the African Harrier-hawk and the Martial Eagle.

21 Kruger Safaris April 2022 Highlights
Kruger Safaris April 2022 Highlights
May 6, 2022 by Dianne Kokkonidis

April brings autumn to Kruger which means the vegetation in the park gradually begins to dry out and colours fade from green to shades of brown and yellow. With foliage thinning out, it became easier to spot game on our game drives. Elephants, rhinos, zebras, hyenas, leopards and lion cubs galore feature amongst our top April 2022 Kruger wildlife highlights. We also had the good fortune to spot a pair of hippos mating.