Breathtaking scenery and incredible game drives are the outstanding features of a visit to the Ngorongoro Crater. Despite its small area, it includes a diverse range of habitats and very concentrated animal populations, making it a spectacular safari destination.

Not only do the Big Five reside here, they are joined by hippo, crocodile, zebra, a wide range of antelope and smaller predators like serval, hyena and jackal. It's estimated that about 25,000 large animals live within this natural enclosure.

It is not only animals that delight Ngorongoro Crater visitors. There are also birds galore. The salt lake in the crater is home to hundreds of beautiful pink flamingo, birds of prey soar through the skies and comical ostriches wander the grasslands. Around 500 species of bird make Ngorongoro their home.

We have no scheduled safaris to Ngorongoro Crater but can include one on a tailor-made Tanzanian safari itinerary. We recommend spending at least 2 nights at Ngorongoro. Speak to us about your safari wishlist and we'd be more than happy to design a custom safari to suit your budget and requirements.