Exploring the vast and captivating Kalahari Desert on safari offers a unique, immersive wildlife experience. Spanning across Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, the Kalahari's arid landscapes are home to a wide range of adaptable and resilient wildlife that have evolved to survive in this starkly beautiful environment.

The Kalahari Desert is a vast and captivating region in Southern Africa whose barren, wide-open landscapes are home to iconic predators and fascinating desert-adapted creatures. Alongside the legendary black-maned lion, the elusive leopard, and the cheetah, which thrives in the open plains and other typical big game, the Kalahari is likely to serve up regular sightings of rare antelope unique to the region, such as roan, sable, gemsbok, eland, springbok and red hartebeest.

This fascinating desert offers an unforgettable safari experience, exceptional photographic opportunities, stunning sunsets and silent, star-studded skies at night.

We create unforgettable bespoke journeys for our guests. Speak to us about your Kalahari safari wishlist, and we'd be more than happy to design a custom itinerary to suit your budget and requirements.

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Feature 7 Day Wildlife Volunteer Safari Working with Wildlife
7 Day Wildlife Volunteer Safari
7 days
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Our 7 Day Wildlife Volunteer Safari takes you to a sprawling tourist-free Big Five private game reserve in South Africa's untamed Kalahari. Sleep in comfortable safari tents on raised platforms under millions of stars at night and participate in hands-on wildlife conservation activities and fieldwork with qualified rangers and conservationists during the day. This is an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime, malaria-free, eco-safari experience.