Wild, beautiful and uncrowded, with some exceptional safari lodge and accommodation options, Meru National Park offers you the best chance to see some of the northern game the area is famous for. There are Grevy's zebra, reticulated giraffe, plentiful elephant, eland, bush pig, waterbuck, cheetah, leopard, reedbuck, hartebeest, buffalo and pods of hippo. More than 427 bird species have been recorded.

We have no scheduled safaris to Meru but can include one on a tailor-made Kenyan safari itinerary. We recommend spending at least 2 nights at Meru National Park. Speak to us about your safari wishlist and we'd be more than happy to design a custom safari to suit your budget and requirements.

Some attractions include

  • Former home of Joy and George Adamson and final resting place of Elsa, the lioness
  • Views of Mount Kenya
  • Rivers and lush riverine forests
  • Tana River
  • Adamson's Falls