Seeing chimpanzees in their natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mahale Mountain National Park offers this (very carefully regulated, to conserve the environment and the species), and finding the chimpanzees is almost guaranteed during a two or three-day stay, as they are habituated to humans.

Mahale Mountains National Park offers plenty more activities too, ranging from short, beautiful walks to more strenuous, longer hikes up Mount Nkungwe or camping safaris in the savannah where larger game, such as lion, giraffe and zebra live.

Along the white, sandy shores of the lake, the crystal water is perfect for snorkelling and swimming, boating and sport fishing.

We have no scheduled safaris to Mahale Mountain National Park but can include one on a tailor-made Tanzanian safari itinerary. We recommend spending at least 2 nights at Mahale. Speak to us about your safari wishlist and we'd be more than happy to design a custom safari to suit your budget and requirements.