On her way through South Africa's Timbavati Private Game Reserve, Christy Strever spotted a troop of vervet monkeys playing in the road when a monkey as white as snow dashed out from the bushes on the side of the road.

Despite the traditional belief that albino animals don't fare well in the wild (they stick out easily for predators, are often shunned by their family groups, and so on), this little tyke was alive, well and positively thriving. Seemed like the rest of the gang accepted him without question, too.

Coloured Friends - Timbavati Game Reserve - South Africa

Colour blind playmates

(Image: Christy Strever)

Christy said that he seemed a little more shy than the others, keeping to the trees. But she was bowled over by the sighting, and said it reminded her of a 'miniature snowman'. He's a really cute little guy!

White Vervet In Tree - Timbavati Game Reserve - South Africa

White vervet in a tree

(Image: Christy Strever)

We found it particularly interesting that this 'white' monkey was found in the Timbavati Game Reserve - already world-famous for its 'white' lions. Wonder if they have any 'white' rhinos, too?

Leucistic and albino individuals are not common and this sighting was very special. Have you seen any albinos in the wild? Please let us know about it in the comments below.

Visit Christy Strever's website for more great wildlife pics.

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