With so many people heading out into the wild with mobile phones and HD camcorders like Go Pros on hand, it's no wonder at the sheer volume of amazing wildlife videos and images out there! We've scoured YouTube to find the cream-of-the-crop in amateur (yet fantastic) videos and give you a little taster of what happens out there in the unpredictable wilds of Africa.

#10 Baby elephant rescue

From the team at the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya: this video has got everything, drama, suspense, action and… a happy ending!

#9 Wildebeest mum saves calf

Harry casual leopard strolls along before pouncing on baby gnu… don't think he reckoned on this mother's instincts...

#8 Rhino and hippo date night Part 1

An unlikely interaction unfolds... lonely rhino becomes enamoured with a female hippo! At first, she appears to humour him, but then the hippo seems to enjoy the attention from this persistent rhino bull, just a little.

#7 Leopard attacks python in Kruger Park

A rare sighting, indeed! Recorded by the Campbell-Harris family in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

#6 Flying lion: Buffalo launches predator into the air

A spectacular wildlife encounter captured on an early morning safari in Kruger National Park. A buffalo is rescued from a lioness and all animals walk away unharmed! Now, that's what friends are for!

#5 Whale jumps onto boat in Cape Town


#4 Mountain biker taken out by buck

Ready for the top four? These videos just get better and better, hats on for the last bit of the ride…

Caught on video at Albert Falls Dam in South Africa: #4 Mountain biker taken out by buck. "Watch the buck," he said… "it'll be fun," he said…

#3 Aerial cats… lion catches blessbok, leopard catches impala

These guys are amazing, on the ground and in the air… I had to include both of these because it wouldn't be right to leave out either.

Leopard catches impala

Kruger National Park: leopard in action.

#2 Cheetah chases impala into tourist's car

Enough said.

Leaping impalas and swift cheetah recorded in Kruger National Park.

#1 Epic battle at Kruger

I really didn't want to post this as my number one, but the fact is, it's BRILLIANT and plays out like one of the most epic battles, charged with emotion as the pendulum swings first one way, then the other and then back again, with an all-star cast! Enjoy!

Thanks for watching - hope you enjoyed the wildlife show and are now inspired to go capture some wild footage of your own. We would love to get your comments and recommendations of any other African wildlife videos that you love!

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