Yes. In our experience, South Africa is a safe tourist destination

South Africa has a reputation as an unsafe destination, but visiting here as a tourist is much safer than most people realise. Have a look at this blog post, which specifically answers the question: Is it safe to visit South Africa as a tourist?

Keep in mind that news headlines and social media often only report bad news, especially crime. Good news, unfortunately, does not sell newspapers. You are not likely to hear about the millions of tourists who visit South Africa each year without incident.

We have conducted tours and safaris in South Africa since 2005 and have never had an incident of violent crime on any of our safaris. Having said that, crime is a worldwide phenomenon and the key is to use common sense and avoid potentially dangerous situations or known high-risk areas. For the latest travel advice from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, including security updates, click here.

At Wild Wings Safaris, the safety of our guests is paramount – we'd never recommend a destination or activity that we consider to be unsafe. We believe that South Africa remains a safe tourist destination. The high crime statistics generally come from the poorest areas. Most areas frequented by tourists are perfectly safe. If in any doubt, please ask us.