Safety is a top priority for us, and we will never recommend a destination or activity we consider unsafe for tourists. Visiting South Africa or the Victoria Falls as a tourist is quite safe. We consider South Africa to be as safe – if not safer – than many other major tourist destinations around the world.

Many visitors are concerned about crime, but we have never had any problems or incidents of crime on our safaris. Crime occurs in every major city in the world, and the key is to use common sense and avoid risky situations or known problem areas. We have no problem recommending a visit to Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side.

Going on safari is also quite safe. As long as you abide by the rules and stay in your vehicle or with your safari guide, there is no need to be concerned about wild animals. In the Kruger National Park, each camp is safely fenced with an electric fence. At private lodges that are not fenced, you will always be in the company of a trained ranger or safari guide.

Your accommodation is usually designed to be as insect-proof as possible.