Hi Madi, From when we first contacted you and the team at the office we could already tell that you were very professional people putting together a special trip for us. Thanks for the detailed information, answering all questions promptly and making every effort made to accommodate our needs. For that we would have given you 5 stars already, but what followed after we met our guide, Simon, made us want to give you guys a 6th star.

Simon clearly loves what he does. He's been guiding Safaris for 10+ years and still enjoys it as much as we did our very first time. He does this with passion and respect for the animals, you can tell this is much more than just a job for him. Looking so hard for the animals, reading their body language, looking for a better angle, a better light, taking his own photos, detailing what we were seeing in his own words instead of giving some memorized textbook description. He was having a great time and he was sharing that special experience with us, which made us feel so lucky.

After each day of excitement, delicious food was prepared by Jacques, our own personal chef for the trip, who would not only cook but beautifully set and light the tables, describe our meals and make us feel relaxed under a roof of stars.

Thank you Madi, thank you Jacques and specially thank you Simon.

We will find new opportunities to enjoy wildlife in Africa and FOR SURE we'll count on Wild Wings again next time.

From Roberto, Brazil, travelled with us during May 2018