Fiesty and fiery, this little mongoose had clearly had a very bad day. As four very surprised lionesses were to discover. Which just goes to show that even the little guys do get their day in the sun. Sometimes it makes a nice change to see the 'King of the Beast's' crown slipping just a little, so that their prey can live to tell the tale ...

David vs Four Goliaths

This teeny weeny little mongoose is seriously hacked-off, and makes no bones about letting these lionesses know about it ...

Zebra dunks a lioness

When everything was looking pretty much like game, set and match, the zebra decided it was time to play it's final shot ...

Warthog gives lioness a bashing

Much smaller than the lioness, this brave little warthog also looks pretty mad - and gave the lioness a sound bashing. Again and again ...

A couple of buffalo chase lions up a tree

Lions often hunt buffalo, quite successfully. But on this occasion, they were a little outnumbered, as the buffalo were quick to show them ...

A bout with a badger

Honey badgers are notoriously wily and bad tempered as this hungry young lioness soon discovered, much to her obvious surprise.

Hope you enjoyed our collection of Davids getting their own back on the Goliaths of the animal kingdom. Have you seen any similar events on your African safari? Please tell us more about it in the comments below.


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